WWE – Wrestling Urban Myths and Legends Exposed

There is a very close connection between the urban legends and the pro wrestling. The line between what is real and what is fake, is most of the time very blurry, and all this leaves a lot of space for the urban legends to appear. Ever since this sport started to become popular there were many legendary players that come and go. They left behind a very good amount of myths. Just imagine, this is a show with actors that are pretending that they are fighting. They do all sorts of incredible moves that can be considered to be a lot more impressive than any other sport out there. There are millions of fans all over the world, but the wrestling is a sport that is mainly popular in United States.

Sid Vicious Squirrel

Back in the past the famous wrestler Sid Vicious said that he had a pet squirrel. He was very attached to it and he claimed that he takes it everywhere he goes. What happened was that a few other wrestlers dared him to put the squirrel for 60 seconds in his pants. He eventually did it and a nasty thing happened next. He got bitten by the animal and had to call medical attention.

John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL is a professional wrestler that was very popular for being one of those bullies during the time spent in the backstage, and there were many indiscretions happening there. One of the most disturbing things reported was that when a new young player showered he would just jump in there and helped them wash. Strange isn’t it?

Bruce Hart

This player from professional wrestling managed to get a interesting reputation as a “drunken uncle”. One of the stories that float around this character is that he managed to impregnate a 14 years old student while he worked in Canada as a substitute teacher.

Kevin Sullivan’s Pants

Kevin Sullivan is yet another famous wrestling player. One of the award things about him is that he is known to be a nudist during his free time.
Bruiser Bordy

He always been a rebel and at the same time he done a lot of crazy things. He is known to receive money in order to perform a shoot run, right in a main event during the Wrestlemania I.

hulk hogan

Hulk Hogan black eye

During the Wrestlemania IX, the famous Hulk Hogan showed up with a black eye. There was no one to notice what happened before and how all this happened. There were many speculations around, and one of them includes the fact that he received a punch from Macho Man Randy Savage, as he blamed him for his divorce. All this happened in the backstage, and there was no camera on the two. The legendary wrestling player Hulk Hogan said that he got it from a ski accident.