WWE Once Again Under Media Shame

The WWE is once again having to deal with the shame of the media. The reasoning for this is simple, it’s because the ignorance of Vince McMann and the WWE is beyond that of any other sporting league. A month doesn’t go by where the WWE has done something to offend a mass group of people & it’s for that very reason that their on the brink of destruction, nearly bankrupt and losing countless seats at their venues.


The latest story to come out of their ignorance is related to Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Mr. Neidhart opened up an account at “Pro Wrestling Tees” but the WWE is blocking Jim from being able to sell any t-shirts. This isn’t surprising though as this sporting league has done this before to retired wrestlers. This time their receiving a lot of hell over what they’ve done.

The WWE is claiming that they own the merchandising rights to Neidhart but the funny thing is that there isn’t a single piece of merchandise with Neidhart on it. The community of his fans are constantly growing, it seems that the WWE is purposely going out of their way so that The Anvil can’t have extra money in his pocket.
Vince McMann has done this multiple times though. It seems that whenever he & an employee have a falling out, Mr. McMann will do everything in his power to destroy their lives. The perfect example towards that would be the recent scandal with Hulk Hogan. This is alright though as Mr. McMann is standing in a pool of empty seats & forgotten dollars. The WWE will no longer be relevant in three decades to come.