WWE 2K15

The WWE is the world’s most publicised form of wrestling and it’s most popular. Every year a new WWE game is released onto the market but for the last five years they’ve sold poorly as these new installments didn’t boast new visuals, new gameplay mechanics or even new modes. They were just re-hashed versions of the previous installments but this year that has all changed as WWE 2K15 has been developed by a new developer.


The new developer which is run under 2K Sports has developed this video game with a brand new engine, they’ve added brand new gameplay mechanics and they’ve ever revamped the create a wrestler mode. It is these three new changes that have allowed for WWE 2K15 to earn more than any other WWE 2K title in pre-orders, those sales are said to double when the game is actually released to played on October 28th. While the WWE have a number of games dedicated to there sport, there are also a number of video slots that do the same. One place that highlights the best slots the net has to offer is www.casinos2win.com. This is the place to go when in need of valuable online casino gambling information.

There is a wide array of different wrestlers you will be able to play as. Those wrestlers include The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, CM Punk, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Ortin, The Rock and many more. All of your favorite wrestlers are available for play in WWE 2K15. If you want to create your own wrestler you can do so through the create a class option. You can take your custom wrestlers from the ropes of a rookie over to the ropes of a professional wrestler.

WWWE 2K15 is such a good installment in the series that even professional gamers and wrestlers have given praise to this new installment.