What are the types of wrestling available?

Wrestling is a discipline that is governed by FILA, which is the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles. There are two main categories in which wrestling can be put. There is the International wrestling disciplines and at the same time there are also the more informal fights: folk wrestling. The sport evolved differently all over the world and if we take a look at the most popular forms and variations in which it’s currently available, we can notice the following four wrestling types:

Greco – Roman

The Greco – Roman fights are probably some of the most popular and this is happening as they are an international discipline that is practiced all over the world and at the same time this is also an Olympic sport. One of the particularities of this wrestling is that it is forbidden to take your opponent below the belt in order to be able to make the trips necessary to win a match. This way the sportsmen will have always to use their legs in order to execute any of the actions needed. These matches are very captivating and they can prove to be entertaining. There are many great wrestlers for the Greco – Roman fights in the world and one of the most popular of them all is the Russian Alexander Karelin.

Freestyle Wrestling

The act of freestyle is also a very popular Olympic sport. Here you get to see both men and women. The legs can be used for both offensive and defensive moves. The winner is designated by the one that manages to pin down to the mat his opponent.

Amateur Pankration

The term “pankration” comes from the Greek pan and kratos. These two words mean “the one who controls everything”. The modern amateur pankration is currently very popular and it’s a form of MMA. The techniques that are being used come from different systems and there are used many different techniques that includes not only striking but also grappling.

Beach wrestling

Beach Wrestling

The Beach Wrestling managed to become an official sport recently in the year 2004. The difference between this and the other types of wrestling types available is that everything happens in a circle with a 20 ft diameter and it’s filled with sand. There are no special uniforms and you will commonly see them wearing swimsuits. The object of the game is going to be pretty much the same as the other types and that’s to pin down an opponent to the ground.