The history of wrestling

Wrestling is a sport that has a very rich history that dates back to the prehistoric times. There were many old forms of this sport and some of them survived and are now known as folk wrestling. Many of the old forms of wrestling are now known as different types of martial arts. That is where the players are using grappling techniques.

The history of the modern version of this sport started back in the 1900s when it also starts to become more popular. Right now if we take a look at the wrestling sports available we see the Greco-Roman wrestling which is popular all across Europe and at the same time there are also available the collegiate wrestling plus the freestyle wrestling that is available in the US and GB.
These sports managed to gain a big amount of popularity, especially during the ‘20s when they started to be considered as a sports entertainment and they are now what we call the professional wrestling. This is considered to be something different from the competitive sport wrestling which is the amateur wrestling.

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The first known forms of wrestling dates back almost 5,000 years ago to the Sumerians. There were many sculptures where we can see that these competitions even had a referee and there was also music in the background of the fight. Another place in history where we could see wresting is the Ancient Egypt, which was very well known for being one of the most advanced places of its time. The archeological documents that prove a wrestling was practiced in the Ancient Egypt were some drawings with wrestlers were found in a tomb.

The next place where there were found wrestling traces is in Ancient Greece. There this sport was considered to be more like a science and at the same time it was also considered to be a divine art. The wrestling was used in order to train the young men and be ready for battle or for life. The interesting thing about the wrestling done in Greece was that the athletes had to wrestle naked and their body were covered with olive oil. There were many drawings plus inscriptions of that time and the wrestling was quite a popular sport back then.

This sport was also very popular at the ancient Olympic Games. It all dates back to the year 708 BC. That is the moment when wrestling was introduced to the Pentathlon.

Moving on into history and we could see many references regarding this sport in the Roman Empire. Wrestling was the favorite sports of many back them. Another interesting thing is that the first book that was printed dates back to the year 1500 and it took just 12 years for the first wrestling manual to come out.

The professional and modern wrestling that we can see right now started around the year 1830, in France. After that it managed to become more popular and spread all over Europe.