The history of World Wrestling Entertainment

There are many wrestling fans that just love the World Wrestling Entertainment. However, there is a small number of them that knows that all this dates back to 1925.

It all started with Roderick McMahon. He was the one to promote different boxing matches, and all this happened in New York City. He met a former professional wrestler (Joseph Mondt) and he was working in order to add some improvements to this sport. This was done by adding new moves and at the same time he also managed to find a good number of wrestlers that were into this performance.

Roderick McMahon

These two have created the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, which was the organization to become the today’s WWE. They soon joined the National Wrestling Alliance and this way their business became official and got more legitimacy. The business was passed to Roderick’s son, and there was a tradition born with the McMahon at the head of the company. All this happened in the early 50s.

The WWE is an American company that is also publicly traded. They are an entertainment company, and they are mostly dealing in the wrestling industry. Their revenues now comes mainly from the product licensing, merchandise, film and music.

The rich history of this company dates back to the beginning of the ‘50s. The CWC (Capitol Wrestling Corporation) was formed in ’52 and few years later it changed name many times. The next name in line was the World Wide Wrestling Federation. Right after that the same company was known as the World Wrestling Federation and in 2002 occurred the last name change to World Wrestling Entertainment, which is the brand used today.

This company is known as one of the largest in the world that deals with wrestling challenges. They have managed to create some of the most successful stories and promote wrestlers. Another thing about WWE is that they managed to create some of the iconic and important matches in the history of this sport. There are many TV shows run by them at this moment, and that can see a lot of attention as the WWE SmackDown and WWE Raw. Expect to find 12 different PPV events like Wrestlemania, and there are 320 events transmitted live each year
The WWE has a very rich history and the company has changed through the years. This happened as there were several different management teams. This sport has gone through many important changes during all these years and it was always showed on prime time and the viewers just love these competitions, even if most of them are not 100% real.