Stardust Takes on the Green Arrow

Cody Rhodes is a known that all wrestling fans know, he is infamous for being hated in the ring and still to this day is hated in the ring but in a different name. Mr. Rhodes is now called Stardust and he started a problem with yet again another notable fighter. Stardust picked a fight with Stephen Amell, the man who player the Green Arrow and Oliver Queen at the same time.

Cody Rhodes

This feud began as a joke but after Mr. Rhodes said some offensive comments Mr. Amell took it upon himself to defend his honor. This meant fighting him at Summer Slam, after taunting the Arrow for a number of weeks he finally destroyed his new found enemy. After Stardust and his tag team match up partner were both on the ground, the Green Arrow jumped from the top of the ring and landed on both of them. This had both of these men KO’d and the Green Arrow walking away as the champ.

This was the most watched Summer Slam event in the last five years thanks to the presence of Stephen Amell. He is considered to be one of the best actors portraying a super hero on film or television right now. While in the ring he proved he’s just not an actor but an incredible athlete who can take on professional wrestlers that train every day of their lives. There is unfortunately no word if Stephen Amell will return to the WWE for another guest appearance on RAW.