John Cena To Retire From WWE

John Cena is a professional wrestler for the WWE and is arguably the most famous wrestler since Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant. He has been able to grasp the hearts of millions with his don’t give up attitude and it is his popularity that allowed for him to become the WWE Champion in the hearts of fans. He was able to hold the title previously for one year before it was taken from Daniel Byran. Today is was revealed that John Cena will be retiring from the WWE in two years time and won’t be returning to the WWE at any other point during his life.

John Cena

This information came as a shock to many as John Cena is known as the saviour of the WWE and without him there will be a hole in the WWE that cannot be replaced. John Cena confirmed his retirement saying this, “I know it has come as a surprise to many that I will be retiring in two years time. My fans must understand that I am getting older and so are my children, I want to be the kind of father who is there for my children every morning and night. Staying with the WWE won’t allow for me to do this and that is why I am retiring. I won’t return to the WWE for an out of retirement match but I will stand just as Jesse Ventura did and move onto new avenues in my life. I’m not sure where those avenues will take me but it won’t be the WWE.”