ISIS Threatens WWE Event

Anonymous, one of the most formidable hacking groups on the web has revealed that “ISIS”, a terrorist organization is planning to attack a WWE Professional Wrestling Event in some of the upcoming weeks. If this is true then that means that ISIS is now planning to attack on American soil which in return would surely cause for war to break out once again in the Middle East.


The WWE Survivor Series which is held in arena’s all around Northern America, seating anywhere from 21,000 to 25,000 people. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been watching flights & individuals coming through local airports near the events whom also have tickets to the show. A special agent in the Atlanta Field Office openly stated that their aware of the treats & are taking every measure possible in order to ensure the safety of these wrestlers.

There are a few wrestlers who are debating from pulling out of their matchups in fear of what could happen. John Cena, Triple H & the Undertaker, some of the most formidable and notable wrestlers in the WWE aren’t backing down from their matches though. These wrestlers aren’t willing to fold into fear of terrorist attacks.

The WWE is also taking every step & precaution they can by using metal scanners as well as body pat downs if necessary to ensure that no one is entering their facilities with any potential weapons. There is also being an increase in security throughout the course of the venue. Hopefully this ensures the safety of all those attending the events.