Is WWE wrestling fake?

The WWE wrestling that you see featured on TV is as fake as it gets. In fact, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell that. There were many years in which the wrestlers wanted to keep this a secret of their sport.

WWE wrestling is probably just as fake as any movie you’re watching on TV, or any Shakespeare play you’ve read. One of the main differences between a normal movie and a wrestling match is that during a movie, if an actor makes a mistake and compromises the scene, he can do another take another of that scene. As for the wrestling, this is not possible, and in case any of them makes a mistake, everybody gets to see it as it’s transmitted live.

WWE Wrestlers

Under these circumstances the next logical question might be: why some players choose to lose, as the ones holding a title are going to get more money?
The answer to that is very simple. Each and every WWE wrestling match you get to see on TV is performed by actors and they are professional and they have to stick to a script. If that script says that you have to lose they will just have to stick to it. Probably in the situation where a wrestler decides to forget about the script and win a match that he was supposed to lose, he will probably lose his job and never wrestle again as his career will end.

Wrestling might look fake on TV, but the truth is that it’s pretty dangerous. This is the reason it happens quite often to see some of them get hurt. Even if this doesn’t happen intentionally, when it does happen, it’s going to be nasty. If you take a look at the profile of many great wrestling players, you can notice the fact that during the career of every one of them there was a point when they had suffered an important injury. Since the wrestling game is fake, it’s also very common to see that there are some fake injuries reported. However, there are lists online where you can see the difference between the fake ones and the real ones.

The referees you will see at the WWE matches are also fake, and they are part of the show. They are actors, and they are used in order to add some drama to the show you’re seeing. It’s a common thing to see the referee getting knocked down by one of the bad guys.

In many cases, the blood you are seeing is real. This is created artificially with the help of a blade located on their forehead. At the same time, you can also notice the fact that sometimes when accidents do happen there is also the blood to see. As this is more of a show than a fight there are also effects created with blood capsules. While everyone might think that they are using ketchup, this is not true.