How to prevent the Common Wrestling Injuries

Wrestling is very well known for being one of those sports that are both intense and demanding. It’s practiced at colleges, high schools, and it’s available even at the Olympic level. This sport includes a direct physical contact between the two players and in many cases this could lead to sprains and strains and at the same time you can also have to deal with more serious traumatic injuries.

In order to prevent the injuries from happening, it’s always best that you learn a good strategy that can keep you safe from these. At the same time, you must also use the proper gear that is need to reduce the risk of suffering some serious damage to your body while practicing wrestling.

wrestling injury

The highest risk of injuries right now is for football and wrestling. Or at least this is what the statistics are showing. The players that are practicing this sport are able to see a number of 9.6 injuries for 1,000 athletes that are practicing this sport. The vast majority of the injuries will occur during the wrestling competitions and this means that there is a smaller chance to suffer anything during training.

While you always need to be careful during a wrestling competition to stay safe, a wide number of problems will occur during the moments when there is a take-down. The vast majority of injuries are not serious and don’t leave you with permanent damage, and here we talk about the injuries that can follow you all your life.

One of the most common injury that you are bound to suffer during a wrestling match are the bruises plus the contusions. These can happen during a take down or in case you land while your body is still in a bad position.
In case you have just suffered a strain you need to start applying the RICE method. At the same time you can also experience Ankle Sprains plus Wrist Sprains.

Some athletes might also have to deal with the overtraining syndrome. This happens to those that are training too much and they leave no time for their body to recover after training. It’s always best that you use a qualified coach when training and here we mean one that could help you train and give you the exact amount of effort that your body can handle.

While the injuries presented above might not be that serious there are also other injuries that could occur and that could lead to some serious traumas. The serious injuries occur usually to the knee, shoulder or neck. The wrestling is a very complex sport and you need proper training to avoid getting yourself in a position where you could suffer a serious injury. It takes a lot of training and a lot of time you need to put in only to avoid getting injured. To be successful in many cases it takes even more than this.