Wrestlers of All Time – Top 5

Many people find Edge to be underrated for his career in the professional wrestling world such as that of the WWE. Others have never really respected him for what he has done and everything he achieved with his career. It’s a shame that he is no longer involved with the wrestling due to his neck causing problems with the fights. For the most part Edge was very consistent and offered a good round most of the time, which obviously includes his first run an RAW as a heel. To many this is the fight that gave Edge the reputation he has today. The best part of Edge was his entrance song; Get at me from Haters. Edge will definitely be missed by many in the ring and also among fans around the world.

Kurt Angle was also one of the biggest names in wrestling and made a name for himself very quickly. Many see him as a cheat for all the unfair things he did in his career, and fair enough he did do them, but do you really think he had to? I’m sure many of you would agree he didn’t really need any of that, but it sure was entertaining and added a new way of going about in the ring. Kurt Angles was one of the best and managed to get a number of other big shot wrestlers to tap out for mercy, these include Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Hulk Hogan and even The Undertaker. Not many other wrestlers can say they have managed to make any one of those stars tap out.

The Undertaker falls in our number 3 slot for all the amazing things he had achieved in his career. He was about the only wrestler that could send chills down your spine when he made his entrance. His fighting stile and strength was also an amazing site and many people around the world saw his and one of the wrestlers that just couldn’t be beaten with fair ways, this is also why it was such a big deal when he and another big wrestler got into the ring together. Undertaker had one of the longest careers in wrestling and it was quite a shock when he decided to end his career as a wrestler. It will take a lot for another wrestler to match the amazing feel he provided to the sport.

Bret Hart is still one of the most recognized wrestlers. He has becomes very well known for his signature moves and always giving his best no matter how big or small his opponents were. This is one wrestler who just never gives and fights till his body just can’t anymore. He deserves to be on the list for those exact reasons and it should be the reasons he appears on every ones lists.

The Rock might have moved on to bigger things to become a very well-known movie star, but I can tell you now that anyone who talks about wrestling will mention The Rock for his massive size and great performance he brought to the ring each and every time. Sure he has lost his fair share of fights, but when he was it in he was unbeatable.

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