Dead Space Franchise Terminated

Dead Space, a video game horror franchise that puts players in the role of Isaac Clark. Mr. Clark is a previous mechanic aboard a ship when a virus plagues the entire ship, brining horror and death upon the vessel. Players had to go through short yet narrow hallways as they turned around sharp corners only to find horrific creatures try to attack them. When the series was first introduced to players back in 2008 people couldn’t help but to fall in love with Dead Space which resulted in two sequels being developers, creating a trilogy franchise in the process.


Today Visceral Games, the developers behind Dead Space announced that there wouldn’t be a sequel to the third installment of Dead Space. This didn’t come as a surprise to many as there has been no rumors or announcements relating to a new installment in the franchise being developed. Instead there has been rumors that Visceral Games is working on a new shooter that takes place once again in the future, instead of being a horror video game rumors indicate that this new installment will be an action game that focuses heavily on multiplayer.

Visceral Games made this statement, “Unfortunately we will not be developing any more installments into the Dead Space franchise and EA has also let us know that no other developers will take on the franchise as their own. Both EA Games and ourselves believe that a three part trilogy was the best option for Dead Space and that developing another game would dishonor it’s memory.”