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Sheamus Gets Tendonitis

Sheamus, one of the all-star lineup performers for the WWE unfortunately isn’t wrestling right now due to a serious arm injury that’s taken place. This injury is so extensive that this Irish based wrestler now has tendonitis, an injury which causes for the tendons in the arm to be inflamed from overuse. The only issue is that the inflammation takes a long period of time to go down & it varies with each person. As of right now he isn’t expected to be out of the ring for to long.


Everyone knows that this Irish man doesn’t give up easily. Even with a broken arm & tendonitis he still appeared on RAW on January 18th, 2016. He appeared alongside Rusev for a tag team match against Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns. Sheamus barely was in the ring during this tag team match, he was more or less a support wrestler. Unfortunately, they lost the tag team match which was to be expected with Sheamus’s major injury.

Right now the WWE is thin on their line up of wrestler. Four of their most notable stars are currently out of the ring with injuries. Randy Orton, John Cena & Seth Rollins are all on the shelf as of right now. Luckily though “The Rock” is making a return appearance to RAW for the second time in recent years. He appeared on January 18th, 2016’s RAW as well and he shall be appearing in the 2016 WWE WrestleMania.

John Cena is currently working hard to appear in SummerSlam as well as WrestleMania 2016. He’s currently in the gym working out as is Randy Orton & Sheamus.

Most Wrestlers Not Making Millions

The majority of wrestlers that you see on television make a hefty wage but the majority of them don’t make the wage you think they do. Most would say that these professional athletes make millions but instead the average wage for a wrestler is $500,000. This is still an incredible amount of money, it’s still $41,600 every month which is more than enough to live on.


Some of the more notable wrestlers make up to seven figures. Brock Lesnar, when returning to the WWE a year ago signed on with a $5 million contract for one year. Now that he has committed to the WWE once again it appears that his salary his will $3 Million for three years. Randy Orton on the other hand makes $3.5 Million every year and John Cena makes $5 Million every year. So depending on the level of these stars’ popularity their salary changes rapidly.

The Rock will be making a return appearance for a year to the WWE on his off time as a Hollywood Actor. When he returns there is a base fee, he is the most notable wrestler in history and he can charge whatever he wants. This’ll most likely be his movie fee or slightly above.

The ranges in salary apparently causes tension between wrestlers, often resulting in possibly violence. All these athletes aren’t fighting to win a belt or a title, they are fighting to make as much money as they possibly can within their short career. Eventually the body gives which in turn means so does their career.

ISIS Threatens WWE Event

Anonymous, one of the most formidable hacking groups on the web has revealed that “ISIS”, a terrorist organization is planning to attack a WWE Professional Wrestling Event in some of the upcoming weeks. If this is true then that means that ISIS is now planning to attack on American soil which in return would surely cause for war to break out once again in the Middle East.


The WWE Survivor Series which is held in arena’s all around Northern America, seating anywhere from 21,000 to 25,000 people. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been watching flights & individuals coming through local airports near the events whom also have tickets to the show. A special agent in the Atlanta Field Office openly stated that their aware of the treats & are taking every measure possible in order to ensure the safety of these wrestlers.

There are a few wrestlers who are debating from pulling out of their matchups in fear of what could happen. John Cena, Triple H & the Undertaker, some of the most formidable and notable wrestlers in the WWE aren’t backing down from their matches though. These wrestlers aren’t willing to fold into fear of terrorist attacks.

The WWE is also taking every step & precaution they can by using metal scanners as well as body pat downs if necessary to ensure that no one is entering their facilities with any potential weapons. There is also being an increase in security throughout the course of the venue. Hopefully this ensures the safety of all those attending the events.

Tom Hardy Wrestles “Revenant” Director

Tom Hardy stands as one of the A-List actors currently in Hollywood. Throughout the last decade he has risen to become one of the best dramatic actors in the industry. He is currently in an upcoming movie called “The Revenant”. It stars Mr. Hardy & Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo is considered to be the best dramatic actor of the last forty years, he is a method actor unlike any others and due to this Tom Hardy had to step up. Acting as a method actor for this film, Tom Hardy fought against the “Revenant” director in what was said to be a brutal wrestling battle in the snow.

Tom Hardy

It was the director himself who suggested that Tom Hardy feel true rage and that wrestling would indeed bring out the best in his acting as he’d feel the intensity. No one was hurt in the process and the second that Mr. Hardy reached the point of anger needed, they began re-filming the scene. Apparently the director Alejandro Inarritu prefers to only work with method actors as they provide the best acting.

This isn’t the first time that Tom Hardy has shown off his wrestling skills before. It’s been known that he is a fan of the sport & while watching “The Dark Knight Rises” you can see that Mr. Hardy requested that the occasional wrestling move be added into the fight scenes. Tom Hardy played as the villain bane and he will be playing alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revenant” which is slated to be released on December 25th, 2015.

WWE Once Again Under Media Shame

The WWE is once again having to deal with the shame of the media. The reasoning for this is simple, it’s because the ignorance of Vince McMann and the WWE is beyond that of any other sporting league. A month doesn’t go by where the WWE has done something to offend a mass group of people & it’s for that very reason that their on the brink of destruction, nearly bankrupt and losing countless seats at their venues.


The latest story to come out of their ignorance is related to Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Mr. Neidhart opened up an account at “Pro Wrestling Tees” but the WWE is blocking Jim from being able to sell any t-shirts. This isn’t surprising though as this sporting league has done this before to retired wrestlers. This time their receiving a lot of hell over what they’ve done.

The WWE is claiming that they own the merchandising rights to Neidhart but the funny thing is that there isn’t a single piece of merchandise with Neidhart on it. The community of his fans are constantly growing, it seems that the WWE is purposely going out of their way so that The Anvil can’t have extra money in his pocket.
Vince McMann has done this multiple times though. It seems that whenever he & an employee have a falling out, Mr. McMann will do everything in his power to destroy their lives. The perfect example towards that would be the recent scandal with Hulk Hogan. This is alright though as Mr. McMann is standing in a pool of empty seats & forgotten dollars. The WWE will no longer be relevant in three decades to come.

Stardust Takes on the Green Arrow

Cody Rhodes is a known that all wrestling fans know, he is infamous for being hated in the ring and still to this day is hated in the ring but in a different name. Mr. Rhodes is now called Stardust and he started a problem with yet again another notable fighter. Stardust picked a fight with Stephen Amell, the man who player the Green Arrow and Oliver Queen at the same time.

Cody Rhodes

This feud began as a joke but after Mr. Rhodes said some offensive comments Mr. Amell took it upon himself to defend his honor. This meant fighting him at Summer Slam, after taunting the Arrow for a number of weeks he finally destroyed his new found enemy. After Stardust and his tag team match up partner were both on the ground, the Green Arrow jumped from the top of the ring and landed on both of them. This had both of these men KO’d and the Green Arrow walking away as the champ.

This was the most watched Summer Slam event in the last five years thanks to the presence of Stephen Amell. He is considered to be one of the best actors portraying a super hero on film or television right now. While in the ring he proved he’s just not an actor but an incredible athlete who can take on professional wrestlers that train every day of their lives. There is unfortunately no word if Stephen Amell will return to the WWE for another guest appearance on RAW.

Hulk Hogan Kicked Out of WWE

Hulk Hogan stands as one of the few instantly recognizable wrestlers around the world, only Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or John Cena could be considered to the likes of Mr. Hogan. Unfortunately it seems that the wrestler’s professional days have ended as he has officially been kicked from the WWE. This is due to the fact that he was caught making racial remarks in a sex video that he filmed back in 2012.


This has truly come as a shock to many fans around the globe and the fact that he’s been kicked from the WWE has caused an uproar. Wrestlers of all different races within the WWE have now stepped up defending Hulk Hogan, stating that he is nowhere near to being racist and that his comments were made in the heat of the moment. It’s not uncommon for people to say things they normally wouldn’t while their having sex. It’s gotten to the point that a few wrestlers of African-American decent have stated that they believe the WWE kicking Hulk Hogan out is a perfect example of how corporations have no care for their employee’s when controversy occurs.

This is a statement that holds true as Hulk Hogan has been one of the largest money makers for the WWE during the last three decades. Seeing that they were so willing to remove him from the WWE after one hiccup in a long career shows that the WWE has no care for their wrestlers, this has caused for a mass amount of worry amongst professional wrestlers in the WWE.

WWE 2K16 Has Most Playable Characters Yet – 262

The WWE video game series was a famed & beloved game series back in the nineties and early twenties. Unfortunately the games have begun to lose their fandom over the last decade due to the fact that video games have become far more advanced & WWE hasn’t followed along with the advancements in hardware.


This doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for the 2K WWE series as today it was revealed that more than one hundred and twenty different characters will be available upon launch. On top of that WWE2K16 will also have free dlc and paid dlc to gain more characters upon the regular 120 roster as well. This is more than any other WWE title has ever had before & on top of the newly shown off visuals which takes advantage of every aspect of the next generation consoles abilities will surely make this a WWE game to remember. In comparison to the previous entrance into the series it only had sixty seven playable characters available. This means that upon launch it’ll be double than last year’s model and with the inclusion of all of the dlc WWE has stated that the roster will be tripled from last year. This is an astonishing feet compared to any other previous edition in the series.

Anyone who wishes to experience this new version of the 2K WWE series will be able to do so on October 27th, 2015. People will have to own either an Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan, one of the few house hold names in the wrestling industry had his son reveal through Twitter that he is working alongside Riff Raff, a professional rapper in order to make him into a professional wrestler and enter the WWE Ring himself. There was a short video released on the tweet as well which shows Hulk Hogan and the small time rapper hanging out with one another. Mr. Hogan explains what is going on and in the process shows off the muscles he still has to this day which is impressive considering his age.


There is no word as to when Riff Raff The Rapper could be coming to the WWE Ring as currently all he is to the WWE is a young man looking to become a professional wrestler in the future. Luckily for this unknown rapper he is being trained by Hulk Hogan himself, the most notable professional wrestler in history and his major connections in the industry will allow for Riff Raff to become a professional wrestler in a couple of years time. It could just be that Riff Raff takes on the legacy of Hulk Hogan in the ring and immerses himself as a reincarnation of the character.

We shall keep you informed on all updates revealed regarding Riff Raff the Rapper becoming a professional wrestler. It’ll be interesting to see if he will be able to make himself as popular as Hulk Hogan, we will either see himself take on a new persona or he will embody the likes of Mr. Hogan.

Steve Carell & Channing Tatum

Steve Carell & Channing Tatum are going to be playing in a film with one another. Instantly you think that this film will be something of a comedy but you are far from it. Both of these actors have been placed in a serious role in this movie.

Foxcatcher is a wrestling film about money & murder. You see Steve Carell play as John Eleuthere Du Pont, an extremely wealthy man who is the heir to one of the largest fortunes known to the United States of America. Mr. Pont or Steve Carell becomes obsessed with building an elite amateur wrestling team and in the process he hires on the Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Schultz, who is played by Channing Tatum. This movie is said to rival the likes of Gangster Squad or American Hustle, two amazing films set in an older time with a storyline of murder, money & sex.

s carel

There have been many who have stated that they doubt Steve Carell will be able to do well in a movie such as this one but from people who have viewed him perform the scenes they’ve said he’s breathe taking as a serious actor. It’s sure to be a unique movie that will shed new light on Channing Tatum’s & Steve Carell’s acting performance.

Wrestling fans will also be quite pleased with this film as the wrestling scenes are designed to be realistic, Mr. Tatum went through three months of training before he started filming for this film in order to ensure that his wrestling looked realistic. It is sure to be an exciting film.