Basic information about wrestling

Wrestling is very well known for being one of the hardest sports to be. There are many skills that a wrestler must have in order to be successful. First of all you need to be as strong as a football player is and at the same time you must have the flexibility of a gymnast, the mental toughness just like a marine and many other skills of the players coming from different sports.


One of the legends that represent this sport: Dan Gable once said that once you start wrestling, and you are successful at it, everything becomes easy. This is so much true as wrestling can be considered to be one of the hardest sports there is out there. Another thing that makes wrestling a lot difficult compared to other sports is that you need always to fit in your weight class category and this might mean you have to diet before a competition, otherwise you will not be allowed to game.

In order for a wrestler to be able to develop the needed skills to wrestle it takes years of training. You will need to start training all year long, in case you want to be successful. It won’t be hard to find a wrestling camp where you can train and meet other people interested in the same sport. There are also many tournaments available in the summer and this is yet another way you can develop your skills.

Another great thing about wrestling is that you can start practicing this sport with a very small investment. In most cases, you will only need to have a very small number of items in order to start playing. All you need is a headgear, singlet and the wrestling shoes. You might see some wrestlers wearing different protective gear like knee pads or mouth guards, but these are optional. In case you are wondering what a singlet is, well this is the uniform that you probably already seen in case you’ve seen a wrestling match on TV. While the gear needed to do this sport is limited and not very expensive, you should be able to need to work on your muscles and agility in order to face the challenges that a match could bring you.

Unlike other fighting sports, wrestling tends to be less violent. Here you will need to use your brain more than your fists and you need to apply the right amount of pressure on your opponents in order to be declared a winner.

If you take a look at what are the competition available, you will notice the fact that there are plenty of them available. In case you are still young, you can probably find many of them at your school gym. There are many wrestling events where there is a competition between different schools and this could make things a lot more interesting as you will be wearing your school uniform and wrestle to prove that your school is better.