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Sheamus Gets Tendonitis

Sheamus, one of the all-star lineup performers for the WWE unfortunately isn’t wrestling right now due to a serious arm injury that’s taken place. This injury is so extensive that this Irish based wrestler now has tendonitis, an injury which causes for the tendons in the arm to be inflamed from overuse. The only issue is that the inflammation takes a long period of time to go down & it varies with each person. As of right now he isn’t expected to be out of the ring for to long.


Everyone knows that this Irish man doesn’t give up easily. Even with a broken arm & tendonitis he still appeared on RAW on January 18th, 2016. He appeared alongside Rusev for a tag team match against Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns. Sheamus barely was in the ring during this tag team match, he was more or less a support wrestler. Unfortunately, they lost the tag team match which was to be expected with Sheamus’s major injury.

Right now the WWE is thin on their line up of wrestler. Four of their most notable stars are currently out of the ring with injuries. Randy Orton, John Cena & Seth Rollins are all on the shelf as of right now. Luckily though “The Rock” is making a return appearance to RAW for the second time in recent years. He appeared on January 18th, 2016’s RAW as well and he shall be appearing in the 2016 WWE WrestleMania.

John Cena is currently working hard to appear in SummerSlam as well as WrestleMania 2016. He’s currently in the gym working out as is Randy Orton & Sheamus.

Most Wrestlers Not Making Millions

The majority of wrestlers that you see on television make a hefty wage but the majority of them don’t make the wage you think they do. Most would say that these professional athletes make millions but instead the average wage for a wrestler is $500,000. This is still an incredible amount of money, it’s still $41,600 every month which is more than enough to live on.


Some of the more notable wrestlers make up to seven figures. Brock Lesnar, when returning to the WWE a year ago signed on with a $5 million contract for one year. Now that he has committed to the WWE once again it appears that his salary his will $3 Million for three years. Randy Orton on the other hand makes $3.5 Million every year and John Cena makes $5 Million every year. So depending on the level of these stars’ popularity their salary changes rapidly.

The Rock will be making a return appearance for a year to the WWE on his off time as a Hollywood Actor. When he returns there is a base fee, he is the most notable wrestler in history and he can charge whatever he wants. This’ll most likely be his movie fee or slightly above.

The ranges in salary apparently causes tension between wrestlers, often resulting in possibly violence. All these athletes aren’t fighting to win a belt or a title, they are fighting to make as much money as they possibly can within their short career. Eventually the body gives which in turn means so does their career.