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WGN America

Spike, a television broadcasting channel that sports programs that range from drama’s all the way to wrestling revealed earlier on this year that they will be dropping “TNA Impact Wrestling” when their new year season begins. This means that no longer will you be able to watch your favorite old wrestlers in the ring which isn’t a bad thing as these wrestlers are far out of their prime. Luckily for fans of the Television Program there is a chance that WGN America will be taking on the television as their own but these are only rumors for right now.


The reasoning for this rumor is because spokesmen at WGN American have been making small hints towards the station purchasing the TV Show. This wouldn’t surprise many as the network is dropped Chicago Sports based programming in their new January Season. This is because the WGN America is moving as a basic cable network. They want to offer programs that just don’t cater towards their previous unique group of viewers but now they want to cater towards the mass group of people. Offering TNA Impact Wrestling could allow for them to do just that as wrestling has something for everyone to enjoy.

It was only announced early on in September that TNA Impact Wrestling would be getting dropped by Spike TV. Since that announcement the program has been running around trying to find a new broadcast channel to take on their program. It has proven to be difficult so far but could end up being something a blessing in disguise in the future.

NXT Ready for Event

NXT is a program offered by the WWE Network. when it first was revealed to people more than four years ago on the Sports Network Channel, NXT was a show that showcased new wrestlers who had a very good opportunity at becoming professional wrestlers in the WWE. The show quickly became popular and even saw a select few wrestlers from the show create the NXT Team, a team which was in the WWE and their main goal was to destroy famous wrestlers such as John Cena or Edge. Eventually they were deleted and this also caused for the show to receive lower viewership than expected.


Luckily for the WWE the show is popular again and will be holding a two hour event this upcoming Thursday on the WWE Network. NXT Champions will defend their titles, tag team matches will be a factor and famous stars from other sports franchises will be appearing in the ring as well. One of NXT’s major stars, Jake Roberts was sent to the hospital two weeks ago after a serious injury on the job. Luckily for Jake he has now been taken on the ventilator and will be able to appear at this week’s two hour event. He won’t be wrestling though as he could seriously damage himself once again. He will be leaving the ICU on Wednesday in order to give a speech at the beginning of the two hour event.

You will need to have a subscription with the WWE Network in order to watch this two hour NXT Event.