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WWE In Financial Trouble

The WWE is one of the most beloved sport franchises known to the world. Before the WWE was the WWE it was the WWF. Throughout the years the WWE has created a mass amount of stars that have gone on to have incredibly long careers. Wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Dave Batista, The Rock and many more have had long careers due to their involvement with the WWE. Recently Dave Batista became a world famous movie star with his role at Drakes on Guardians of the Galaxy, a new Marvel movie property that grossed the largest income for a movie in 2014.

WWE logo

Unfortunately Vince McMann is in a lot of trouble as his beloved WWE is now in financial trouble. Their rating have dropped considerably over the last four years, the rating have dropped to the point that the Sports Network no longer wanted to showcase the WWE on their channel. Even though they still do in order to avoid this issue the WWE created their own Television Network which has proved to be a major flop. It seems that Mr. McMann no longer has the fan base that he once did from the 70’s to early 2000’s. The reason for this is because of the UFC, a new form of entertainment for those who love fighting.

The UFC is much more realistic then wrestling which has allowed for it to grow to such popularity that the WWE can’t compete. There have even been wrestlers who have made the switch over to the UFC in hopes that they can pursue their career.

John Cena Named Greatest WWE Champion By Hulk Hogan

John Cena has officially been named the greatest WWE Champion in history by the previous greatest champion of the WWE Hulk Hogan. This came as a surprise to those who love wrestling as Hulk Hogan is considered to be the world best wrestler by not just those who love wrestling but by those who have never watched one match of Smackdown or Raw. Mr. Hogan made his statements while he was attending an interview for the Busted Open Radio Show at john cena Hulk Hogan’s statement read as follows, “John Cena loves to be on the road, he loves to travel Northern America and cater to his millions of fans. He has the blood of a wrestler built into him, more so than I do. He isn’t the kind of man to just give up. I’ve personally seen him so tired that he can barely keep on his feet but due to his commitments to Make-A-Wish foundation. He won’t eat, he won’t sleep and he won’t complain. Instead he puts a boost in his step, puts on his genuine smile and helps those in need of his services. In my opinion John Cena is by far the best wrestler to ever grace the WWE or WWF.” It should be noted that Hulk Hogan currently works for the WWE right now, he is not only praising the beloved wrestler but he is also trying to sell a pay per event by hyping up John Cena. We will see if this statement was just a ploy for views or a genuine kind statement. We will find out in the future.