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Wrestling is a sport that has incredible popularity today. It dates many centuries back in time and has evolved through the years until it became the form that we now see on TV.

Our wrestling website is dedicated to this sport and will give you a good overview on the history of the sport, common injuries of wrestling, how to prevent injuries and many other interesting things that you need to know about wrestling, whether just starting out, or someone who already participates in wrestling.

If you want to categorize the types of wrestling available, there are plenty of types with different rules. However, you need to make a big difference between the wrestling you get to see on TV in United States. This belongs to the WWE private company, where there are actors pretending to fight and the professional wrestling sport where you can see competition even at the summer Olympics.


In case you are considering to start practicing wrestling, it’s very important that you get familiar with all the risks and the benefits involved with this sport. For example you need to know that if you are not trained well, you could even suffer some major injuries. At the same time a wrestling player can become very competitive and if he can have success on the mat than the other challenges of life might seem to be small compared to what is happening on the mat.

The information found on our website can prove to be very valuable for any person interested in this sport. This means that you can get the opportunity to start finding everything you need to know about it. No matter if you just love to watch the sport on TV, you are thinking about practicing it or you are a professional wrestler.

People have always enjoyed wresting and there are many competitions available to watch. Some prefer the WWE. There is also the possibility to place bets on wrestling and some have managed to make fortunes out of this sport. But in order to make winning bets, you need to understand exactly the ins and outs of a sport. Know the rules, get familiar with the major players and the evolution of the legends on which you plan to bet.

Our mission is to stay informed and to get all the latest information about the world of wrestling. Every time you check out our website you will get the opportunity to find a very good selection of tips regarding this sport and in the end you can become knowledgeable about wrestling.